★ Esperantista Brusela Grupo ★

Zam-Festo in Brussels on December 15th

For our Zam-Festo, we have reserved on December 15th (± 11:30 am- 6pm).

the Cafeteria "Kamilou"

Bonan kiŝon ĉe Kamilou

which offers a wide range of delicious dishes made of organic or fair trade products. It is located inside
Mondo-B (House for Sustainable Development)
je 300m de la Namura Pordego metrostacio.

Cafetaria Kamilou

Rue d'Edimbourg 26 Edimburgstraat
1050 Brussels

We'll welcome the famous singer NIKOLIN, who will be accompanied by Laŭrenzo and his guitar.

If you have any prize (s) for our tombola, please bring it (them). Thanks very much.