★ Esperantista Brusela Grupo ★

Why learning Esperanto?

Learning Esperanto allows you to speak Esperanto the whole world through. Cool, isn't it!

Communication is a fondamental need for humanity, now the linguistic differences are major hindrances to communication. Just a loook over the situation in our little country (Belgium) to become conscious of the difficulties that can arise because of language differences.

Learning Esperanto, is electing a different way to communicate, beyond the differences. It is having fun, playing with the words. It is opening ourselves up to the world, to other culture which allows us to participate to international meetings in Esperanto. It is discovering the Esperanto culture, with loads of valuable works and musics. It is also taking a fresh look at own language and its grammar. Furthermore, due to its structure, Esperanto will be helpful for the learning of other languages. Learning Esperanto : useful while having fun !

For further information, go and watch the very instructive video serie of Claude Piron « The Language Challenge » , it will make you understand the problematics and the stakes of languages, and how useful is Esperanto.