Learning Esperanto in Brussels
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Would you like to learn Esperanto ? Good idea ! The Brussels Esperanto Association proposes you a course open to everyone. Using the direct method and thus entirely in Esperanto, it suits to persons of all linguistic origins and of all ages. Discoveries, games and even songs are on the menu, so, be ready to have much fun !

The course is organized upon two levels.

The first level suits to beginners and allows them to discover the international language. Here you'll learn the pronunciation (fully regular), the grammar (with 16 rules and no exception) and a basic vocabulary which will allow you to take part in discussions and to read Esperanto magazines.

The second level suits to persons who already has followed the first level as well as any person wanting to increase his knowledge of the language. This level being focused on discussion allow the participants to actively progress, by training their understanding and expression.

Where ?

Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels. The course takes place in a building of the European Commission, which access is secured. So, please be sure to announce your arrival at latest on the Sunday before.

When ?

Each Wednesday night from 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM.
The start of the new school year takes place in September, nevertheless you may join us at any time. So, don't hesitate !

How ?

To announce your arrival at the venue or to get further information, please contact Françoise Pellegrin :

How much ?

The course is nearly free : only a yearly fee of 10 € is requested to join the association and receive our bimonthly magazine "Aktuala" all in Esperanto.


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